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So glad you can drop in, hope you have a cup of tea or coffee in hand during your visit. You may well ask ‘Why SweezSweet?’ Apart from it being a play on words of a name and nicknames, or perhaps she is or isn’t like sugar without the tea or ‘T’ ;) 

Regardless, what’s important is that she values the thought and the act of giving. Let’s not deny the treacle cliché which holds only the sweetest rewards in your innards every time it rings true – that it IS better to give than to receive. I must say, it is no less sacchariferous to receive :D
Enough spieling, here are some of my time-spent thoughtfully selected sweet picks of the best in the market, to help lessen your precious time spent hunting for something special for someone special. I have tried to offer a variety for different occasions and ages. Everything here is something I would be thrilled to give someone (including myself, remember there is certainly no disgrace in gifting yourself – double the pleasure ;)
Feel free to contact me at info@sweezsweet.com if there is something you do not see here but would like me to include. Finally thank you, do come again and tell your friends too, as I will always be adding to this treasure trove; it’s been delightful and I hope you leave with some sweet gifts x 


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SweezSweet Gift Shop


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