Sweat Body Heat Trapping Shirt

This is Sweat Body Heat Trapping Shirt

Sweat Body Heat Trapping Shirt

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SWEAT MORE - Sweat hard, keep dry: this garment was designed to increase perspiration but keep it all inside. Our sauna suit stimulates sweat during exercise 3x times more than normal clothing to aid in burning fat by preserving body heat where it matters most: your abs, lower back, chest & waist. The waist slimmer makes you sweat in the right spot using the comfort antislip waistband that is absorbing sweat so you're always dry on the outside.
PERFECT SIZE FIT - Finally a full body shaper that fits your size. Most of the other waist slimmer compression body suit got it wrong and offer an uncomfortable experience with an undersizing design. Follow the size chart,WE worked the perfect sizing for YOU.
FAST RESULTS - Maximize heat exposure and helps burn more calories FASTER by deploying evolutionary pressure on your body during workouts or everyday activities and forcing it to adapt. Speed up recovery time: keeps your muscles warm so you can ease in and out of physical exercise and help prevent muscle or joint injuries.
PREMIUM QUALITY - Made from high-quality polymer fabric, this waist toner traps the heat and intensifies natural sweating 3x times more so you'll enjoy a hot-sauna-like experience and the associated health benefits. More sweat, less time. This shaper workout shirt will make you look slimmer INSTANTLY. It's built with a special technology that compresses the belly and hips. You can wear it with other exercise equipments and everyday clothes.
BYE BELLY FAT - This compression t-shirt for men is the secret weapon for your fitness journey, simply wear it discreetly under any outfit and WATCH your body TRANSFORM! Put this waist toner on and INSTANTLY feel how it tucks your tummy in, trims your waistline and give you a more toned and athletic look. (while working it's magic in the background)

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Drew Emard

i love the felling of the garment it breathes so you dont get over heated can wear under clothes wish i could afford more right now but maybe later have worn all day under shirt at work thought i regret doing so felt really good sweat when working hard after rest coiled down and still comfortable

Briana Schamberger

Product such as advertising, very fast shipping happy with purchase.

Carley Lesch

Parfait rapide

John Rempel

Great Shirt, Thank You!

Junior Gutkowski

tallas pequeñas